Workplace Wellness - Therapeutic Chair Massage 

We have been providing high quality massage therapy to the Capital District since 2008! We love creating a peaceful & therapeutic atmosphere within any workspace...we bring the soothing music and work make each person feel comfortable and cared-for. 


- Minimum of 2 hours per therapist required to reserve

- $90 per hour per therapist (includes gratuity & travel fee within 15 miles of Troy, NY)

- $20 travel fee per therapist outside beyond 15 miles from Troy, NY.

- Valid credit card on file required to reserve block of time

- 48 hours advanced notice required to cancel chair massage event to avoid full charge


- We'll need a somewhat quiet, open space with electrical outlets to provide chair massage.

- How many staff members are you looking to accommodate?

- How many minutes of chair massage do you wish for each staff member to receive? 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute options are available! 

- A sign up sheet works best to keep everyone on schedule. We'll be happy to provide one for you if you'd like!

For more info and a quote for your organization, please contact Gretta Taglione via e-mail: today!

Masseuse treating clients back with elbo